- So, I'm hoping most of you already spotted Matt Barton's awesome 'The History Of Zork' feature over at Gamasutra, another one in a series profiling the Digital Game Canon titles. But you might not have spotted that Barton put up full versions of his original interviews for the feature on his own Armchair Arcade site.

He handily explains all the people talked to, as well: "Dave Lebling and Marc Blank are two of the original implementors who worked on Zork. Steve Meretzky came in later, and wrote several of the most successful Infocom games. Howard Sherman is president of a modern-day IF publishing company named Malinche Entertainment. Nick Montfort is the author of a book about IF called Twisty Little Passages."

My favorite quote? This Meretzky commentary on the influence of Zork and its brethren: "Sometimes I see the same sort of humor and irreverence of Zork popping up in games, for example in some of the NPC dialogue or quest names in WoW, and I like to think that that’s the influence of Zork in particular and the Infocom games in general. And without adventure games leading the way, I’m not sure you’d see storytelling elements so widespread in other genres."

[Oh, and a special scoop for GSW readers - next up in the Digital Game Canon series on Gamasutra will be Benj Edwards profiling Civilization and J Fleming (who previously analyzed Space War) discussing Star Raiders - and both will have extensive creator interviews. Good, important stuff, I think.]