- Something else I'll be doing more of is rounding up original reporting on the CMP Game Group's edit sites - which includes big sister Gamasutra, as well as mobile game site Games On Deck and education site Game Career Guide.

Why? Because, honestly, I think some of the stories sometimes get a little slept on, due to the volume of edit we put out. Here we go:

- Take Action On Domestic Abuse: Over at Gamasutra, there's an interview with Susana Ruiz of Take Action Games, the designer of MTVu-sponsored social activism game Darfur is Dying. She's now revealed her latest project, RePlay: Finding Zoe, a Flash-based game encouraging children to report domestic abuse - and she explains: "What the game attempts to convey is that, while it can be extremely challenging to act out on an injustice around us, it is definitely our greatest power to observe, care and take action."

- Midway & Ghost Patents: Our main feature on Gama today was called 'Hard Drivin', Hard Bargainin': Investigating Midway’s ‘Ghost Racer’ Patent', and the Kyle Orland-authored piece is explained as follows: "Did you know that games such as Project Gotham Racing and Ridge Racer 6 are paying Midway to include 'ghost mode' cars to race against, thanks to a patent in the company's 1989 arcade racer Hard Drivin'? We analyze the original patent, talk to Midway and licensee Global VR, and examine just how patents impact the biz." Honestly - damn those patents all to hell.

- Hollywood... Games!: My colleague Brandon Boyer caught up with Hollywood & Games Summit and GDC head honcho Jamil Moledina to discuss next week's L.A.-based conference, which CMP is doing in association with The Hollywood Reporter. and has keynotes from Clive Barker and 300 producer Thomas Tull, as well as appearances from Jordan Mechner, Rob Pardo, and a host of others. Moledina seems to think that the film and game biz are playing a lot nicer, nowadays:

"For the first couple of decades of this relationship, the collaborative expressions lived at a fairly consistent level, where most decisions were business-related. There was a mix of results, as you pointed out, that everyone would admit. Today, we’re seeing much more creative participation."

[A couple of brief other highlights - there's a Games On Deck feature called 'Ditch the Emulators: How to Code Your Own J2ME Simulator', handy for the hardcore cellphone game heads, and the latest 'China Angle' column has Shang Koo discussing Microsoft's investment in Chinese PC-based 'console' firm Changhong, which "...might be the first step in Microsoft's intricate strategy, but will likely end as a cheap lesson on China's console market."]