- We've been covering the Hollywood & Games Summit, put on by Jamil and our CMP Game Group colleagues alongside The Hollywood Reporter, all day on Gamasutra (and a chunk of yesterday, too!). So, thanks to frantic scribblings from Brandon Sheffield and note deciphering from myself and Brandon Boyer, I wanted to present some highlights here:

- H&G: Tull Talks World of Warcraft Film: "Speaking at his Hollywood & Games Summit keynote, Legendary Pictures chairman Thomas Tull discussed the World of Warcraft film, saying the game has "the right stuff" to make a hit movie appealing beyond subscribers...

Speaking about the relative size of a game adaptation's potential audience, he noted, "Sure, there are 8 million people playing WoW, but even if all of those people saw the movie multiple times, we’d still be screwed." "It’s a jumping off point," he concluded of the game's subscription base, "and we see it as larger than that. World of Warcraft has the right stuff to make it happen.”"

- H&G: Mechner, Dille On Crossing The Digital Divide: "At a Hollywood & Games panel session, speakers including Prince Of Persia creator Jordan Mechner and Chronicles Of Riddick and Transformers TV show/game writer Flint Dille discussed how voice, writing, and film talent can cross the digital divide into games.

"So what do you look for in writing for games? Ubisoft Montreal's Ben Mattes chimed in: “If I had to choose someone, right away the first thing I’d tell them is there’s not a scriptwriter. There’s no room for writers in the game space. If you think of yourself as a writer, you’re going to have a hard time being in the space. I think there maybe was a time where people tried to hire writers, but now we look for story designers. You have to be a designer, and design that narrative and everything that goes around it.”"

- H&G: Tull, Davis On Brash's Film/Game Convergence: "Speaking at their Hollywood & Game Summit keynote 'Driving Mythology Forward' Legendary Pictures chairman Thomas Tull and Brash Entertainment CEO Mitch Davis talked film and game crossovers, confirming Brash game deals with Fox, Lions Gate, Warner Bros, Universal and Vanguard Animation."

Tull, who helped found Brash Entertainment, said of the motivations behind founding the company: “Contrary to what I’ve seen in the press, it's not to fix anything that’s broken. We looked at the growth in the category, and the platforms and what we think we can do, and one of the low-hanging fruit is movie games. It allows you to get a start in the category and kind of get your feet wet.”

- H&G: Santiago Talks Fl0w's Digital Distribution Success: "In another panel at today's Hollywood & Games summit in Los Angeles, Thatgamecompany's Kellee Santiago discussed digital distribution and her firm's PlayStation 3 downloadable game Fl0w, revealing a goal of "a game per year" for the developer."

In fact, of Thatgamecompany's future, it's revealed: "Fl0w was completed [for PlayStation 3's PSN downloadable service] in 7.5 months, and our goal is to continue creating a game per year. Even if you're working on a large project, with digital distribution you could make a smaller project on the side."

[UPDATED UPDATE: Final post for today is LucasArts' Jim Ward talking about lightsaber games very vaguely, you big tease. We also just posted something on Brent Friedman's intriguing 'Afterworld' cross-media project, possibly to become an MMO, and 'The Future Of TV And Games', with representatives from Foglight Entertainment, Electronic Arts, DirecTV and Xbox . And we already mentioned the Clive Barker 'games as art' keynote and Heroes' Jesse Alexander on ARGs from yesterday, too. Just being completist!]