x.jpg Normally, I find 'Worst Games Of All Time' lists a little tedious - generally because they pick obviously bad games like Superman 64 (though I guess that's the point?) or are just plain unimaginative. But I did enjoy PC Gamer UK's 'Must NOT Buy' feature over at C&VG.com, since it mentioned some titles that I'd hoped were sandblasted from my brain.

In particular, I was enchanted by Forbes Corporate Warrior, for which it's lamented: ""Business is War!" is the tagline, but they mean it a lot more literally than you'd think. Set in a series of flat, grey rooms, it's your job to beat your competitors by shooting customers with one of numerous business-themed weapons, including Ad Blasters, Price Bombs, Marketing Missiles, Head Hunters or Takeover Torpedoes. No, we're not joking and, judging by the complete lack of humour or irony, neither were the developers."

Yet a game did beat this out for inanity, according to PCG, and that would be Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, of course: "Put simply, your goal is to get the imaginatively named John and Jane into bed together. Put more complicatedly, it's your job to get them into bed together by looking at amateur photography, listening to terrible voiceovers and making occasional choices that steer the direction of the narrative. That these choices are few and far between is actually a relief, given that each one only leads to more moronic, insulting, sexist drivel, now with the added knowledge that you caused it." You can tell the writer has played the game, and is actually, mentally scarred by it - now that's my kind of bad game.