x.jpg Over at the reassuringly eclectric GameProducer.net, site owner Juuso has posted the first 'Producers of the Round Table' article, called 'Breaking Into The Industry', in which he quizzes game producers about interesting and/or relevant topics - and has managed to grab folks from Red Storm, Bizarre Creations, Electronic Arts, Relic, and Stainless Games for this introductory chat about careers.

Getting to be a producer is actually one of the least obvious career paths in the game biz, and EA's Harvard Bonin makes some practical points about game producing that I think it's worth repeating: "In my view, there are 3 essential components of the producer role. Business. Execution. Vision. Getting a degree in business is very helpful. For me, I ended up getting my MBA, which has helped me greatly when managing the day to day and franchise operations surrounding a project. Producers need to think of their projects as a business unit itself... Yes, its an artistic love - but producers can’t let that feeling get in the way of making sound business decisions."

In related news, it looks like sister site Gamasutra is going to be running at least some of the upcoming 'Producers Of The Round Table' articles as a monthly series in association with GameProducer.net, because production/management is still one of the least talked-about areas of game development, and it's absolutely, vitally important. So if you're a game producer reading GSW, and you'd like to be included on these roundtable discussions going forward - with topics likely to include things like scheduling, milestones, team morale, and any number of other things - then email Juuso and we'll add you to the rotating list of experts. Or 'experts', if you prefer!