x.jpg Over at Game Of The Blog, the nutty Joel Reed Parker continues to defile himself in the name of crappy game playing, and he's taken a good, hard play through Charlie's Angels for GameCube just to really stick the oar in.

Parker explains: "I can usually find some enjoyment in a bad game but after a the first two hours, the final two I had to endure to finish it were pure punishment. Well, at least it makes for a good story." But then he wanders off and finds "a [completely different] download-only PC title, Charlie's Angels: Angel X", which I have to admit that I've never heard of - here's a trial version.

He explains: "The strangest thing about it is that it's a point and click brawler. The control is described as comparable to Diablo or Baldurs' Gate... playing through the first level of Angel X doesn't really make me want to. I really couldn't see it being entertaining at all, especially at 20 bucks. While I have to admit that it's amusing that there are Nestea Cool trucks and vending machines outside of the ancient Chinese training dojo-type place and a Sony-Ericsson Kyocera phone onscreen at all times but again, 20 bucks? This game should be free." Ouch, more badness for the girls.