- There's been a few of these 'whole experience'-themed gaming blogs recently - Blogging Ultima, for one - and The2Bears was nice enough to point out another, in the form of the 'So You Want To Be An Arcade Champion?' blog, which has just started up.

It's explained: "Rockwaldo’s going to go through [the Twin Galaxies official arcade record book], it’s laid out in alphabetical order, and play over 4000 arcade games on MAME. He’ll see just how feasible it is to get the record, he’ll give his impressions of the games, and generally have a lot of fun."

As you'd expect, a bunch of the games are pretty obscure, such as Sega's '005', from 1982 ("Keeping with the age old 80’s arcade tradition the game makes absolutely no attempt at explaining to you what to do at any stage - crazytown"), but moving on to more obvious stuff such as, say, 1943: The Battle Of Midway [EDIT: Yes, I put '1984' before. HAH!] ("DON’T crash into bigger planes - really, it’s not a good idea. I did, and my energy bar pretty much disappeared from full to nowt immediately.") Anyone wanna bet which letter he can get to?