- So over on sister mobile game site GamesOnDeck, there's a new interview with SkyZone's Chief Publishing Officer Bob Shireman which is interesting because it discusses the firm's conversion of 3D Realms/Human Head's Prey for cellphones - a project that on the surface, seems ridiculously high-end.

However, he comments: "Prey is a complicated PC game and staying true to that product while acknowledging the limitations was quite a challenge. Ensuring playability is first and foremost our goal and once we make a game that is fun, then we focus on bringing the key elements from the PC and console title to mobile. With Prey for mobile, the Deathwalk sequence is intact but changed slightly to fit the form factor."

Shireman also makes an interesting claim of cellphone titles: "You very seldom hear, "It was a great title on the Xbox, PlayStation, PC but the mobile version sucked" when reading about 3D titles nowadays. Of course it's a different experience. Of course it isn't as aurally or visually rich. Consumers get it. Given that, they still want it to be fun, engaging, and re-playable."

[Oh yeah, and on the mobile front, sometime GSW columnist Matthew 'Fort90' Hawkins has started pro-blogging for mobile site Zedge, and he just posted a neat editorial in two parts called 'Cell Phones: Yet Another Ellis Island For Gamers?' Notably, consumers nowadays "...just want some a quick burst of fun, and both the Wii and cell phones are providing it, though one is doing a better job than the other."]