- Now here's a wacky tale via Bill Bishop's 'Billsdue' blog - he explains how Chinese MMO publisher Shanda has been circumventing anti-addiction laws by selling power-ups which negate the 'power-down' effects the government has mandated after you play for too long. Wow!

Here's the full info on PC MMO Magical Land, as translated by Danwei.org: "However, the reporter discovered in the course of investigation that after the fifth hour, the majority of players did not elect to go offline and rest; rather, they chose to use a "1.5 experience boost card" tool in the game. After using it, their characters could continue playing without regard for the anti-addiction system, and gameplay experience and rewards would return to normal.

It is notable that this tool is not visible on the official website. Because Shanda has set up the market for gaming equipment in nearly 1G worth of client space, people who are not players of that game cannot readily discover it. As a result, most people only know that the game is testing out an "Online gaming anti-addiction system" but are unaware of its actual effects." So Shanda makes players pay (with real money!) for this power-up - most cunning/dodgy.