- So, Petri Purho at Kloonigames, whom we last covered for his April Fool's spoof of Rod Humble's 'The Marriage', in the form of rather Pong-like 'The Divorce', has just released another 'made in a week' PC indie title, called 'Daydreaming in the Oval Office'.

He explains of the actually rather politically-themed game: "You’re Mr. Bush and you’re daydreaming in the Oval Office... trying to collect imaginary pieces of evidence about the Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Use arrow keys to move George around. Try to keep the beach ball of the floor and try to collect the pieces of evidence." Iiinteresting.

Oh yeah, and we never linked his previous game, 'Forbidden.exe', which is "...an experimental horror game. So be warned, there’s harsh language, violence and other fun forms of violation. One could say that it’s an experimental violation game." Rapid prototyping FTW! [Via The2Bears.]