- Wuhoh, bad news for the folks at the PlayStation Museum, who explain on the site: "The PlayStation Museum is liquidating all of our retail and development hardware and software. Now is your chance to get over 1,500 games, a lot of hardware (including a 10 Million Model PSX and MIB edition) plus a few other surprises."

Here's the eBay auction in question, and let me be the first to say that the selection is _insane_ - though they do note: "Virtually all hardware listed on this site is in the auction and a lot of the software. Due to NDA, the gaming graveyard games are generally off limits (unless listed in the auction)... Unfortunately, this is not a promotion nor a joke."

Quite apart from the ridiculous amounts of boxed software and hardware, including plenty of rare development kits and a prototype PlayStation keyboard, there's by far the biggest set of Lightspan educational PlayStation games I've ever seen - as the linked article says: "In a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Sony, San Diego-based educational software and Internet company Lightspan has cornered the K-8 market on video games in the classroom... PlayStation produces all of Lightspan's software at Sony Disc Manufacturing, and Sony charges license fees for the use of its gaming platform for a for-profit venture." Now, the 'BUY IT NOW' price is $30,000, of course, but you can always make an offer?