- Over at big sister site Gamasutra, Alistair Wallis has completed his latest 'Playing Catch-Up' column, this time talking to adventure game notable Jane Jensen, creator and designer of Sierra’s Gabriel Knight series.

There's some interesting notes on the behind-the-scenes genesis of the Gabriel Knight franchise itself: "“At the time, [Sierra co-founder] Ken Williams was like, ‘Well, I’m a little disappointed in this idea - I wish you’d come up with something lighter and more cheerful. No one wants to play something dark and depressing on the computer. But I guess we’ll let you go ahead’. That was pretty nerve-wracking,” Jensen comments. “I worried that he was right, that it would flop.”"

Jensen also has interesting, and I think very possible, plans for the adventure genre in casual games, which is getting more and more expansive in terms of game design possibilities recently: "“Long term,” she considers, “I really would like to see adventure games in the casual gaming space. We should be able to sell a million units of a good adventure game - not just mine but any good adventure. That’s what I’d like to see.”"