- So, blimey - no sooner did I post about Naughty Dog co-founders Rubin and Gavin's new project, then commenter 'Hanford' points out a TechCrunch article that MySpace looks to be buying the Web 2.0-style tech company, which "allows users to create slide shows using video, photos, text and effects/transitions" directly in their web browser.

As TC's Michael Arrington notes: "Flektor has a killer team of founders, Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin, who previously co-founded game developer Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot and Jak [&] Daxter) and were acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2000. Rubin and Gavin have leveraged their experience with gaming to create an awesome user experience at Flektor. Also, Flektor is custom code built on Flex, whereas Photobucket’s competing offering is built with Adobe’s tools. If Adobe decided to compete directly in this space, MySpace will be in a better position owning their own code."

He continues: "The acquisition also makes sense from a strategic standpoint. MySpace has massive distribution as the largest site on the Internet. Photobucket brings storage to the table, and the Flektor team looks to be able to create awesome tools for users to create content. The three services actually fit together nicely." This is not officially confirmed by MySpace or Flektor yet, but TechCrunch is generally on the money - congrats to Rubin and Gavin if so!