- So, XBLArcade.com has been checking out ESRB ratings again for Xbox 360 Live Arcade games - the existence of which tends to mean that games are forthcoming for North American release - and it's noted:

"Continuing in a trend that must be giving Microsoft PR ulcers, they have rated [four] more XBLA titles... [that] were already known about, but the fact that they are now rated means the titles should be released "soon"-ish."

Among those are SNK's Fatal Fury Special (interesting because at one point, Greg Canessa was claiming that it was going to be an Asia-only title, for some odd reason) and Atari's Tempest (the original vector version, presumably without too much Minter-esque psychedelia) - but the big deal is Mutant Storm Empire, a title I've been drooling about in public for a year now.

As I noted wayback: "The pictures clearly show scrolling levels (as opposed to the single-screen mayhem of Mutant Storm Reloaded), as well as simultaneous multiplayer (likely/hopefully across Xbox Live!), and there are all kinds of weird beasties such as octopi, fish, and gigantic spaceship turret madness crazies sprawled all over the place - yay!" I'm speculating that making Bliss Island slowed down the PomPom folks, but I really do hope that Empire dawns soon.