- The quite frankly bonkers UK game 'web-a-zine' Way Of The Rodent has just released Issue 84, which seems to be themed around crap British summers and have a review of The Red Star in it (both positive things!), but there is a highlight, oh yes.

This would be an extract from Mr. Biffo's new book 'Confessions Of A Chatroom Freak', in which the TV scriptwriter, former Digitiser game writer and Edge columnist says stupid things to stupid people using the Internet. Yes, we've all seen this done before, but it's still funny - and in this case, video game relevant, though there are some mentally disturbing pictures of Biffo at various points further down the transcript, for the easily scared:

"LoopyLisa21f: What's your favourite game?
YELLODEVIL46: splinter cell
LoopyLisa21f: Splinter Cell? Is that the game where you have to crawl in and out of pipes, and cough mouthfuls of feathers at passers-by?
YELLODEVIL46: are u sexy
LoopyLisa21f: I don't think I can judge whether I'm sexy or not. That’s for my father to decide.
YELLODEVIL46: can i see a pic please
LoopyLisa21f: You can when I find one. What would you like a pic of?
LoopyLisa21f: I've got a pic of a puffin if you’d like that.
LoopyLisa21f: His name is Peans.
LoopyLisa21f: Puffin Peter Peans. I call him “Triple-P” for short. I keep him in my purse for luck."