- Definitely appreciate a good 'ol spoof, and just got a press release which I was pretty sure was not completely legit - and indeed, a good Googling reveals that the company, Game-A-Vision, is, according to the Wikipedia page, "...a fictional video game publisher to be featured in an upcoming animated series from G4. The company appears to produce games in the "old school" style, but with a decidedly warped sensiblity."

Here's the meat of the press release: "Put away the 20-sided die, fold up the Monopoly board and get ready for a new type of game – a "Video" game! Gameavision is leading the 8-bit revolution with two new electronic games, "CrossWalk" and "Bar Fight." Feel the heat of crossing the street! Get drunk and fight like an honest American! Gameavision even has a homepage on The World Wide Web and it's already generating substantial buzz on the internet and on industry web logs...You can even play versions of our best-selling games like " 2 Card Monte" and " Hang Man.""

Also pretty 'interesting' - their company bio: "Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Gameavision has been a creator of fine interactive entertainment for over 25 years. Gameavision rose to supremacy with its early hits like "Hobo Killer" which rivaled the profits of other early arcade games "Galaga" and "Centipede"." Uhm, 'Hobo Killer'? Oh kaaay.

[Oh, and there's an initial press release from G4 last year about this project: "G4... has signed a deal with writer-director-actor Adam de la Peña (“Minoriteam,” “I’m With Busey,” “The Man Show”) for a half-hour animated pilot set in the freewheeling world of 1980s video-game programmers. The series will be produced in Los Angeles by de la Peña’s company, Monkey Wrangler."]