- We've linked him a few times before, but it's time for a final link, because Yakumo's excellent Retro Core classic Japanese gaming videocast is now coming to an end, with Volume 32: The Final being, uhm, the final one featuring game footage and sardonic English commentary.

As Yakumo further explains on The Gamer's Quarter: "I just no longer have the time to produce the show anymore now that I've become a father. Still, it's been a great 3 years and within that Time Retro Core has covered over 390 games... In the final volume of Retro Core we take a look at the PC Engine and its games."

He continues: "There are many PC Engine games that are also featured on the Mega Drive. Retro Core compare 4 of them side by side, as well as taking a look at some of my personal favorite games in my collection. As well as that we've got Japanese game ads and the following games..." Big list follows, random selection is, well, these: "PC Engine - Ninja Spirits... PC Engine - Pop'n Twinbee... PC Engine Super CD - Psychic Storm... PC Engine Arcade CD - World Heroes 2." Nice!