- Was vaguely aware of news of another remake of classic Amiga futuristic sports title Speedball, but didn't know how far along it was until Kieron Gillen popped his bobbly little head up and previewed the new Speedball 2 PC remake for Eurogamer.

Ever-specific, Gillen provides "...two main impressions: 1) It's not Speedball 2 yet, in terms of polished playability. The player's speeds are slightly misjudged. The sliding tackle doesn't slide enough. The sense of HARD COLLISIONS BETWEEN STEEL-ARMOURED MEN isn't quite there. 2) I couldn't stop playing it."

Of course, the Bitmap Brothers really have fallen by the wayside a bit since the original, and there's been at least one slightly unfortunate remake. There's a nod to this in the preview, discussing the new Parisian developers: "You may remember Kylotonn from Ironstorm and Bet On Soldier, the first-person shooters. Which, at least for me, is a strong mark against them. Faith is more restored by the presence of The Bitmap Brothers' Mike Montgomery, who's supervising development." So.... we'll see, eh?