- The curator of the PlayStation Museum pinged me to point out that he's now posted full details on the Superman game for the PlayStation 1 - an unreleased title that was going to be published by Titus (creators of the infamous N64 version.)

As is explained: " In 1998, BlueSky Software began working with French developer Titus to bring Superman, based on the WB animated series, to the PlayStation. At that time Titus had almost finished work on the N64 version of the game in France with their own team. Originally, the plan was to take the N64 game and port it over to the PlayStation. All that was to be done was to take the art and reformat it to run in a PlayStation engine. Then the Superman N64 game was released. One reviewer stated" "This game exists for the sole purpose of firmly establishing the bottom of the barrel”."

So what happened? The game was extensively redesigned, but it's claimed: "Unfortunately the license from Warner Brothers had expired. Essentially, Superman continued to be developed with no assistance from DC comics or Warner Brothers. The plan was to surprise everybody with a finished product." Wait, was this really the plan?

Anyhow: "After almost 2 years of development, Superman reached a milestone: it received approval for release from Sony and issued a product code of SLUS-00712. Many retail outlets were accepting pre-orders for the game and advertisements were created... By the time the game was completed, Titus was unable to secure the license. Superman for the PlayStation was officially laid to rest." There's video linked on the page, too, and the Museum folks claim that it's actually quite a playable game.

But, uh - I think you can tell that this wasn't completely licensor-approved: "Superman is littered with secret codes in the game such as clearing kryptonite or showing coordinates. There are even codes to select a level, language, or start a demo. But the one Easter egg that shows the developer has a sense of humor is the ability to change the splash screen to a picture of Lois Lane ripping her shirt off revealing her bra and the words "Keep your shirt on.""