- Always looking for a fun PR angle around here, and Diner Dash publisher Playfirst has provided one by sending us a special 'Chocolatier'-branded gourmet chocolate bar and 'golden ticket' (containing a free press-only download link for the game) to promote their upcoming PC casual chocolate-making tycoon game (!) of the same name.

Not much info on the web yet apart from the aforementioned Gamezebo preview (I think the press releases hit tomorrow!), but from that: "Fans of Tradewinds will be pleased to hear that Chocolatier has a lot in common with that swashbuckling franchise, except that instead of being a freewheeling privateer, you're a budding chocolate baron who gets to travel around the world collecting exotic ingredients, turning them into delectable treats, and then selling the chocolaty creations at local boutiques."

How does that work, then? Sounds like shades of Ghirardelli, and I'm really starting to like some of the creativity in new-school casual games: "You start off in San Francisco, where you create a name and customized logo for your business. Then, Evangeline Baumeister introduces you to the art of chocolate making based on the recipes of her ancestors. You'll start with only one factory and a handful of recipes, which are all that remain of the Baumeister fortune. It's up to you to make some cash, re-open the factories, and most importantly hunt down all the lost family recipes."

[UPDATE: Aha, the official Chocolatier page is open on PlayFirst's website, including a downloadable trial version of the game. "Do you have what it takes to conquer the world through chocolate?" Dunno, I like eating it though!]