- This announcement seems to have got lost behind the couch cushions, but 1UP has a preview of new PlayStation 3 downloadable title Nucleus, dated late last week, and developed by Kuju's Surrey studio (where-in I used to work in the late '90s).

Overall: "The game looks a bit different from your typical Geometry Wars clone", though it sounds like it might, uhm, play a bit like one - difficult to tell. Anyhow: "For instance, Nucleus doesn't take place in outer space, but in "Inner Space" (no relation to the film, as far as we know). And instead of shooting aliens, you fight bacteria while swimming around blood cells and collecting proteins."

But here's a particularly neat bit: "Beyond the setting, Nucleus has a different vibe compared to other shooters out there. The graphics are minimalist and dark, but the real distinction comes from the soundscape provided by Rephlex's Bogdan Raczynski. The very Aphex-Twin-like music shifts between ambient noise and fast paced oddness." It's all about the Braindance!

[Actually, I'm wondering whether my old Kuju colleague Chris Williams had anything to do with this - he's such a big fan of Bogdan's music label Rephlex Records that he had its logo put in Tank Racer, the odd PS1 title we worked on ages ago. Wacksome.]