- So, Square Enix is releasing this new line of software called 'DS Style' in Japan, with lots of mainstream Touch Generations-type content like 'Why Not Listen to Classical Music on the DS' (pictured - from Ouendan creators Inis, no less!), 'Flower Blooming DS: Gardening Life', and 'DS Yoga Lessons: You Can Start Today'. Blimey.

Anyhow, SiliconEra's Spencer Yip went and asked some online game writers about this very concept, and Game Developer's own Brandon Sheffield is the first quoted personage: "This is Square-Enix’s entry for a demographic that Nintendo lured into games for the first time. That being non-traditional gamers, the likes of the elderly, housewives, and people of that nature. I don’t like to call these ‘non-games’, because that that doesn’t describe what they are, it described what they’re not. These dry roasted peanuts I have on my desk are also non-games."

Spencer also chips in: "Like everyone else I think these are going to sell well in Japan too. I’m really not sure how a DS travel guide would sell in North America, but Square-Enix’s classical music program might be worth localizing. Maybe Square-Enix could team up with a University and use it as a supplementary learning aid. Either way I want to see it come over since Inis is behind it." Yessir!