- Over at the UK Guardian Gamesblog, editor Aleks Krotoski has been talking about "the findings from the data fiddling [she's] been doing with the International Game Developers Association's Game Developers Choice Awards nominations from 2007".

This most recently manifested itself in a post about regional variations in the 'Best Game' nomination voting, which Gears Of War actually won for after the finalists were decided, for those with a rusty memory.

The whole concept, courtesy Aleks: "I was curious about the cultural differences (and similarities) between the countries who voted when it came to what was perceived as worthy of gongs for Best Game, Game Design, Visual Arts, Innovation, Audio, Writing, Technology and Character Design, and whether there were any trends which emerged."

So, she digs in to the Best Game to find out what countries liked what: "As a reminder, the five games which were nominated by the most countries for this year's GDCA awards were:

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (10 countries)
Gears of War (7 countries)
Company of Heroes (6 countries)
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (8 countries)
Guitar Hero 2 (4 countries)."

This is pretty neat, and there's a series of other results in previous posts, including a look at the overall presentation given at the Women In Games Conference in Newport, all worth checking out too.