- Let's not play, here - there was only one major piece of gaming news over the last 24 hours: "Breakpoint, part of MNI SA group, is creating a mobile [cellphone] game featuring the World’s Strongest Man – Mariusz Pudzianowski... Thanks to the game the player will have a chance to become the World’s Strongest Man, taking part in an unusual take on the famous strength competition. Instead of the usual disciplines, the player will compete in a series of unique tests of strength and endurance from all over the world... and some completely out of this world!"

Wait, wait, we feel a quote from the man himself coming on: “Mobile games provide entertainment to anyone with a mobile phone” – ‘Pudzian’ commented – “Now everybody will be able to feel like a Strong Man, even while waiting at a bus stop”. (In case you were wondering, licensors Breakpoint are Polish compatriots of 'Pudzian', hence the keen local interest.)

But wait, that's not all: "While working on the game, Breakpoint’s team came up with several other ideas, including a lifestyle application that utilized Mariusz’s bodybuilding know-how, as well as an action game in which he would fight crime. These projects are to be undertaken following the success of the first game." Yep, 'Pudzian' is such a beefcake that he can predict cellphone game success, too. Though I will say that I really enjoy watching World's Strongest Man when it pops up at weird times on ESPN2 or similar channels.