-Now, we have people like Geek on Stun to remind us of the true greatness of Spike's school gang supremacy PS2 title Kenka Banchou: "We fell in love with this game the second we saw eye-beams being exchanged between our pompadoured hero and some sorry punk who can't handle a little intimidation."

Well, good news for tall haircut fans! NCSX's blog points out that Kenka Banchou 2: Full Throttle for PlayStation 2 is now out in Japan, after some surprising semi-success for the first title: "Spike went on to sell 157,000 copies of the game without much of an advertising budget or any name recognition."

Anyhow: "Fast forward two years and Yasuo's still around but no longer the hero. A young buck named Tomoya has entered the world and must earn his own badge of yankii honor. By using the mighty menchi beam to initiate encounters and fists to beat down packs of ruffians, the new protagonist slowly gains street cred, repute, and the adoration of lowly gangsters throughout the hood." Lots more info on the NCSX page - dammit, someone pick this up for the West already.