- Something that got posted during GDC week and roundly not linked was Chris Kohler's Wired News article, 'An ITunes for Games? Not Yet', which makes some good points on the whole digidist issue for consoles.

Here's the basic gist: "In reality, and quite ironically, the number of full-blown, disc-based games on retail shelves dwarfs the online offerings for two of the consoles. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has amassed a library of more than 160 game discs since its November 2005 launch, but only 45 downloadable titles are on the Xbox Live Arcade service. On the PlayStation 3, there are 21 games on Blu-ray disc, but only eight in Sony's online store... Only on Nintendo's Wii does the downloadable catalog outnumber the retail one: 56 to 35. The company's secret: recycling."

Interestingly, he gets a stat for Xbox Live Arcade development budgets from Microsoft's Chris Early - $250,000 and $450,000. In addition Nintendo's George Harrison "...also floated the intriguing possibility that Nintendo might start releasing classic Japanese games that never made it to the United States." Kohler's overall thesis is that not doing straight re-releases of classic titles is a big wasted opportunity for everyone. And I think I agree, as long as the straight emulated versions can be segregated and priced sensibly.