- Since I've been known to get on the ol' hobby horse about the specter of 'terrible Internet reporting', I was very pleased to see that Official Xbox Magazine's Dan Amrich has done exactly the same thing in discussing 'alleged GamePro bribery' over an earlier review of Supreme Commander, as reported by the extremely dubious 'Game World Network' and then rocketed onto Digg.

You may recall a previous 'Anatomy Of A Rumor' report which also fingered GWN as being, to be blunt, absolutely terrible excuses for game journalists, and it looks like they're at it again. This time, they accused GamePro Australia of taking a bribe for giving Supreme Commander a 50% score, based on - wait for it - some crazy on the GameSpot forums spreading a hoax. Then they submitted it to Digg, where you will note that it's got to 1027 Diggs, despite being completely untrue.

Dan does a fine job of taking apart the chain of events that caused this lameness to occur (though perhaps the Craig Charles reference is pushing it a bit, even if I know what he means). But I wanted to point out the absolutely terrible plagiarism that GWN is using to get other front-page Diggs, such as this one about God Of War today.

Sure, that news is (more or less, vaguely) true - but look, GWN's coverage of the event by Richard Manley is in no way a complete cut and paste of 1UP's live event coverage, including identical quotes and the SAME ACTUAL PICTURES. Though they did draw a red arrow in one of them, so I guess that's OK.

Mind you, these were the folks who were 'liveblogging' the Japanese Wii press conference by watching an archived Japanese investor conference from a few months earlier by mistake. And their GDC Phil Harrison keynote 'liveblog' consisted of them reading Eurogamer's liveblog and repasting the quotes. So they were liveblogging Eurogamer's liveblog! Seriously.

But hey, it's the Internet, there's really little concept of reputation when it comes to putting stories onto aggregators like Digg - you can just keep submitting whatever you like, and the public will pick up on it if the headline is sensational enough. Wisdom of crowds at work! And my augmented rant is done. But really, GWN, please shuffle off this mortal coil, already?