- My preternaturally sensitive RSS reader has discerned that there's a new Way Of The Rodent issue up, and the sometimes unfairly ignored, very British webmag has an excellent chat with Owen Rubin front and center of the issue.

Why have you heard of Owen Rubin, then? He explains of the classic titles he made for Nolan Bushnell at Atari: "There is a long list. Some made it, some did not. Ones you may have heard of include Major Havoc, Space Duel, Triple Hunt and Sky Diver. Oh and I wrote the routine for the volcano in Battlezone!"

Internal politics are also dealt with: "The biggest problem with Atari was their management. Keep in mind that Atari was a bunch of 20 something young engineers, some becoming managers with no training at all. It was full of college friends hiring friends who had these little cliques, and seldom did any of them know how to really manage, or care. Plus Atari offered no training, and had no role models really. I would not play the politics, so I was never given a higher management position even after 9 years, one of the reasons I left. Man, the stories I could tell about bad management at Atari." Interesting.