- So, since this has been floating around for a bit, I thought it was time to clarify, politely. Gamesindustry.biz ran an interview excerpt with Warren Spector today in which he reveals he has not signed a deal with Vivendi, as previously reported.

In fact, with regard to a Vivendi/Junction Point deal, Spector told GI: "If you want a scoop, that actually is not true. I'm not exactly sure where that came from. So you're the first person to hear that." Which is now true, apparently, but GI's Patrick Garratt also took a jab at the online sites (including ComputerAndVideoGames.com) who originally reported the Vivendi signing story, referencing a Game Developer magazine feature which had Spector saying: "Luckily Vivendi seems to get it."

Garratt comments: "Many sites ostensibly grabbed the wrong end of the stick, and proclaimed a Junction Point game to be signed to Vivendi." Well, to be fair to them, I'm presuming that Garratt has not seen the February 2007 issue of Game Developer, which specifically says: "On the occasion of Junction Point's new creative deal with Vivendi Games, Game Developer spoke to Spector about his new studio, his stance on MMOs... writing in games, and dynamic storytelling."

In other words, Vivendi and Spector came to us, and we did an interview with them for the February issue of the magazine, which was meant to be timed around the announcement of the deal. And we were waiting for the embargo to lift so we can run the announcement and the interview online and, well... nothing happened. Then several sites picked up the announcement from the magazine, but there's still been no confirmation.

So, I guess my point is - I suppose the deal could still happen. If Spector is denying it, then maybe it won't. But this is the first time in my editorship of the magazine that someone has given us a story which turns out not to be true - so I was hoping that Warren would say: "Actually, that information came out a little prematurely, and it turns out the deal has not been concluded", rather than, say: "I'm not exactly sure where that came from."

Anyhow, the full and extremely interesting Warren Spector +interview (minus the Vivendi references) is available on Gamasutra now. So not all is lost. But still, guys - please sign deals before doing the press on them?