- Over at Lum's ever-perceptive Broken Toys, there's a post recounting the post-launch fallout over PC MMO Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes, in which, as Lum charmingly puts it: "Brad McQuaid leaves the Sigil fallout shelter and sees his shadow, which means six more months of crunch patching." Yep, it appears the game did ship with a few bugs in place.

McQuaid is incredibly honest about financial realities in his comments, though: "We had to agree to a launch date, or there would be no money to continue. This was unfortunate, but we will and are recovering. This game was expensive — probably second only to WoW, although WoW cost more than double. I don’t want to sound jealous, although I probably am to some degree to be honest, but Blizzard put $80M into development."

Blimey, carry on? "No one else is willing or able to do that. Not Microsoft, not Sony. EA perhaps, and they’re now back in the MMOG business with the Mythic acquisition (but at the time we started Sigil, they were still in a lot of pain over Sims Online, which is rumored to have been around $25-30M — so at the time they were not interested in a game like Vanguard. And certainly not smaller publishers — they definitely don’t have that kind of money." It's unclear how well Vanguard subscriptions are doing, but it certainly has a bit of a 'hardcore' rep currently. And a VERY frank maker!