- The frankly awesome Indygamer has just listed its Top 10 shooter remakes for 2006, PC indie game stylee, cutely described as "Ten of the best freeware remakes from last year which involve firing shots at foreign objects."

One highlight is the retro-looking Counterclockwise ("Essentially Tron in 3D, this remake puts you in a ship that leaves a trail during flight. Your basic objective is to destroy enemy chasers, either by shooting at them or using the EMPs supplied.")

Another very interesting one is (the pictured) Gravitron: "The creator of Prototype and Xain'D Sleena returns with a brand new shooter entitled Gravitron, though this one requires a little more tact as it is actually based on Thrust. Instead of transporting pods into the skies you now have to destroy reactors while saving any spacemen wandering on the surface of the planet."