- Following a recent GSW entry about the Tale of Tales guys (of Endless Forest and now The Path fame), I've been exchanging a few emails with them, and they pointed out 'Interactivity wants to be free', an interesting recent TofT blog post.

They actually quibble with Rod Humble's 'The Marriage', recognizing its positives, but arguing in part: "Interactivity is capable of so much more than games. New media artists like Lia and Dextro have been working with this for years. And while they share a formal language with Rod Humble to some extent, the work of these internationally renowned artists provokes a lot more rich and diverse emotions."

The critique continues: "Not that I am advocating any kind of puritanism in art. I don’t think laying bare the very concepts of art and limiting art to its very core is a good idea. The computer gives us a an unprecented array of media that we can all use simultaneously to express things in the most sensuous and spectacular ways ever imagined. Why limit ourselves with this wealth at our disposal?"

[Actually, one of the things I've been wrestling with is whether festivals such as the IGF should do a better job of recognizing the most experimental pieces of interactivity (such as The Endless Forest) which are not necessarily good games in a conventional playable sense, but say something or provoke emotional responses. See the Realtime Art Manifesto for more on this - it's important, I think.]