- Not even sure if I _should_ point to this, but it's interesting that Indygamer has discovered a student game called 'Scientology Pwned', which I _guess_ is a critique of scientology, although it seems like more of a Robotron clone without much of a message, honestly.

Tim @ Indygamer explains: "The premise of Scientology Pwned is to essentially shoot everything in sight. The single unobstructed map has four enemy generators that create progressively tougher enemies. Use the arrow keys to move your character, and hold the control key to shoot. Your shooting direction will automatically lock when the control key is held down. Alternatively, the shift key can be held to lock your shooting direction when the control key is not held down. Music was composed by Jonathan Mak, creator of Everyday Shooter."

Tried it out briefly, and it's a well-created mini-blaster, but I'd love to see something with more of a social message. The game references various classes of enemy, including Scientologist, Special Affairs, and Sea Org, but that just really affects which rocket launchers they hold. Indygamer commenter Paul Eres says: "There's (still) such a thing as freedom of speech, and I like this game's name, I think its author did well to choose it. I assume he knows the risks though -- this is only slightly less risky than naming a game Islam Pwned." Quite. Guys, can we have some games dealing with controversial subjects with some DEPTH to them, please?