- A few weeks ago at work, Game Developer managing editor Jill Duffy set, as a culmination to a series of fiendishly difficult grammar-related whiteboard challenges, a somewhat easier task - the editors of Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine were to come up with the most stereotypical video game name... evah.

So here's what we came up with, following several multi-minute bouts with tortured artist syndrome and intense head-fist interface thinking:

Simon 'GameSetWatch' Carless
(Game Developer/Gamasutra EIC)
"Quaternion: The Beige-ning"

Frank 'Lost Levels' Cifaldi
(Gamasutra features editor)
"WWII: World War II"

Jill 'Jilly' Duffy
(Game Developer managing editor)
"Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Call Of Duty: Revenge Of Duty"

Brandon 'Insert Credit' Sheffield
(Game Developer features editor)
"Pauly Shore's XTREME Nude Wakeboarding II: The Awakening"

Also, we have a late entry via IM from Jason 'Gama news guy' Dobson, submitting the tortured "Final Fantasy VII: The Black Gate: Part Two". Anyhow - this isn't really a competition right now, since the winner was already decided at a little Sneak King-playing drinks party here at the CMP Game Group (it was Cifaldi, damn him!), but feel free to suggest your own stereotypical game titles in the comments!