- Oops, I originally got this before GDC, but I've only just had time to dig it out - but it's still worth posting, I reckon. Basically, PaRappa The Rapper character designer Rodney Greenblat (see the excellent Gamasutra interview by Matt Hawkins for more info on him) has a new Japanese multi-gallery show and tour featuring his awesome abstract paintings, with the prints buyable at his online store - and I'm printing the details below.

"Art Print Japan, one of the largest fine art print publishers in Japan, with a chain of over 50 galleries is proud to announce "ELEMENTAL: New Prints and Works on Paper by Rodney Alan Greenblat." The multi location exhibition includes 15 limited edition ultra high quality ink jet prints based on paintings and drawings from 2005 and 2006, and over 40 original pastel drawings and watercolors. The show will also include some new limited edition products such as postcard sets and stationary.

A full color catalog will be published in conjunction with the show. The artist will tour Japan making stops at 10 of the gallery locations.

Schedule of personal appearances by the artist:
March 2007
9 - Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture
10 - Osaka, Takashimaya Department Store
11 - Kyoto, Takashimaya Department Store
16 - Chiba - SOGO Loft Department Store
17 - Koriyama, Fukushima
18 - Tokyo , Tachikawa
21 - Nagoya, Takashimaya Department Store
23 - Utsunomiya, Toghigi Prefecture TOBU
24 - Tokyo, Shinjuku - Takashimaya Department Store
25 - Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store

The show can be previewed at the artist's website. A small number of the signed artist's proof prints are available for sale on the site."