- A suspiciously alert Brandon Boyer has just pointed out to me that, by Isis and Osiris, there are some brand-new Katamari Damacy T-shirts available on Cabel Sasser's Panic.com, and they're completely completely awesome.

All you really need to know is that the new designs are labeled either 'shiny' or 'fuzzy', in many cases, and they have all kinds of great abstractions to them. Also, if you click through on each shirt and go to the last picture, you'll see Keita Takahashi's comments on each, for example for the Castle one: "I let my mind wander with this one. I wanted a romantic shirt, and as a result, I think the shirt turned out wonderful... It's a castle, and it's gold, so I really want Hollywood celebrities to wear this shirt."

Or the Rolling one: "Panic is always telling me, "no more curve balls! How about a straight-forward Katamari shirt?" Since Panic agreed to produce the Gold Castle image, I created this one in return. This is our classic give-and-take.... Since we're pretty used to seeing this kind of Katamari image, I think this shirt might be the most popular. That's good news, but it's also a little regrettable." Hah!