- The HDR Lying blog has another interesting, if a little meandering piece, named 'The Essential Worldwide Success: Packaging the East for the West', and it talks specifically about the suitability (or not) of Koei and Bandai's Gundam Musou for PlayStation 3 for launch outside Japan.

In the way of an intro, it's noted: "In a time where games are becoming more and more expensive to produce, and profit margins are shrinking, more and more companies are starting to look at creating a global product. Ryan Payton’s hire at Kojima Productions was a step to get a more global perspective on their series, including the ever popular Metal Gear Solid." But how does Gundam Musou fit in?

As noted: "For the Japanese gaming market, the amalgamation of Gundam and Musou is a no brainer. The game is a mix of the most popular action series in Japan, and the biggest animated franchise phenomenon in Japanese history, on a single Bluray disc." But in the States, as Dynasty Warriors, it's just not such a big deal. So, it's asked: "With no Musou name in the West, how does Namco Bandai name Gundam Musou?"

Hm? "Does Namco Bandai make their connection to Koei public, and call the game Gundam Warriors? They could sever the connection entirely, and instead ride on the Gundam alone, going with something close to, but likely more original than, Gundam Battlefront. With a change like that, they lose the cache that the Musou name would give them, but in the United States, that might not matter at all." This is one example, of course, of a continuing cultural battle to get universally popular video games across multiple regions - but it's an interesting one.