- The latest required Game Developer magazine-related viewing over at YouTube is, of course, '2007 Disneyland Martial Arts Festival Sport Jujitsu' - specifically 'Cliff -vs- Pat. 200lbs and Up Division'. What? Oh yeah, this would be the magazine's art director Cliff Scorso kicking some ass (and getting a gold medal!) in his weight division at a regional championship!

I don't really understand how this whole Jujitsu thing works, so Brandon explained it to me in IM: "The reason the fight keeps stopping is because the guy kept complaining he couldn't see when Cliff hit him in the face... but you're allowed to do that." What's more: 'So, the yellow flag means a round is over. And that guy apparently has a good stand up game, but didn't get to use it because Cliff kept throwing him."

So, seriously, any magazines out there - is your art director more hardcore than Monsieur Scorso? Because we challenge, on his behalf, and not actually bothering to ask him - yours against ours in mortal combat. Also, we're going to be a bit more careful about asking for front cover changes in the future, just in case he grabs us and throws us again the cube wall in a fit of pique. (Only he wouldn't, he's lovely, hah!)