- A final pre-GDC floater (ew!), Kyle Orland over at GameDaily's 'Media Coverage' column actually posted a neat interview with veteran video game mag editor Bill Kunkel a couple of weeks back, and it's well worth a trawl through.

The intro explains: "Bill Kunkel is unquestionably the grandfather of video game journalism. After writing the first regular game review column for Video magazine in the late '70s, he helped start the first American consumer magazine for gaming, Electronic Games, in 1981. Kunkel has meandered a bit since those days, writing for comics and wrestling magazines, and even working as a game developer and design consultant for a time. But he's always come back to game journalism, bouncing between a variety of print and online outlets before recently becoming the editor-in-chief of Tips & Tricks magazine starting with the January 2007 issue."

Anyhow, Kunkel has some good quotes all round (and I wonder if he can bring Tips & Tricks back from the brink?), but here's a particularly interesting one: "Once the Internet got established, basically magazines started dying because so much of game journalism had become about news – the signing, the specs for the next generation system that hasn't come out in Japan yet. That kind of obsession – everything here is kind of OK and boring, but everything that's coming is infinitely more exciting – when you get readers conditioned to think that's what it's all about, magazines don't stand a chance in hell against the Internet."