- When I managed to get Jeff Minter to come over to keynote the Independent Games Summit the other week, I was delighted to hear that he also got invited to speak at Google. Turns out the subsequent 'Google Tech Talk' has been posted on Google Video for free, and provides 61 minutes of Yak goodness.

There's a nice abstract: "Jeff "Yak" Minter has been developing video games from the Sinclair Spectrum era on up through the present day. If you were alive in the 8-bit years, you've probably played one of his games: Llamatron, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner and Idris Alpha were among the better-known ones. If you were one of the 30 people to buy an Atari Jaguar, you probably bought his "Tempest 2000" and "Defender 2000" cartridges." More than 30!

Finally: "And if you own an Xbox 360, you've also seen his work: the built-in music visualizer is his creation. His current project is an XBox Live Arcade game temporarily titled "Space Giraffe", which is an attempt to bring the classic Atari game Tempest into the next-gen era." The whole video is basically the same as his Independent Games Summit keynote, and also includes multiple camera angles and emulator demos as he wanders through his awesome back catalogue, so - unmissable! [Via Boyer.]