- Currently spreading all over the Internet in quite short order, Internet video japesters Mega64 have posted their special Game Developers Conference-shot Super Mario Bros. skit, in which they jump around the Moscone Center in SF and meet... somebody special!

This skit was produced while Mega64 was at GDC last week, and appeared in the Game Developers Choice Awards, to some serious guffawing - if you look closer in that video, you'll also see clips from their Super Mario Bros 3, A Boy And His Blob (!) and Feel The Magic videos (iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.)

I also got a chance to see Mega64's Rocco at the IGF Pavilion at some point last week, and I think I embarrassed him slightly by praising him in borderline fanboy fashion. Nonetheless, as can be seen from previous GSW entries going slightly nana over the unique blend of Jackass-ery and dumb fun, those guys rule. [Also, NeoGAF is making animated GIFs, which is a surefine sign that it's a hit.]