- Co-worker Frank, who is doing a sterling job arranging our upcoming Gamasutra coverage of next week's GDC, has also been posting some new stories of unreleased games over at his v.fun site, Lost Levels.

The front page itself explains: "While browsing through the Mean Machines Archive today, I stumbled on something pretty unexpected: the first screenshots I’ve ever seen of Hard Drivin’ for the NES, Tengen’s unreleased port of Atari’s driving simulator-turned-arcade racing game!"

In addition, the forums have an overview of a guest review of Time Diver: Eon Man, which reveals: "Time Diver was an action platformer for the NES, scheduled to be released by Taito in February of 1993. I'm not saying the game is bad, mind you; just generic. It could easily be a dozen other games, and at least seven of those would be Ninja Gaiden. It's a simple five level sprint through every cliche of the NES era, and I can only assume that this sameness made Taito question the title's sales potential." Well-researched and wacky.