- Those creative reprobates at SomethingAwful have branched off some of their forum goings-on to its own 'walkthrough' website, Let's Play, and it's got some really fun stuff on it.

For example, there's a Mixed Up Mother Goose walkthrough in the style of Sin City, with grainy black and white screenshots: "She was mixed up. Mixed up in something she couldn't handle. Something serious. There was only one person who could help her. That person was me... I hadn't had any business in a long time. Not since my last case. Three died that night, and blood from two of them was on my hands."

A little less out there, but more informative, would be a Dungeon Explorer walkthrough, obviously written before the game debuted on Wii, but useful anyhow: "Oh yes, my fellow Hudson fans, the time has come for Dungeon Explorer to be released upon the world -- for real this time, not on a console that only myself and about 10 other people (7 of them Japanese) actually owned. That's right. Sometime in the coming weeks, Nintendo and Hudson will release this classic dungeon crawler on the Virtual Console. And it will be worth it." [Via Frank.]