- Over at GSW's new sister mobile biz site GamesOnDeck, we've just posted a two-part postmortem to I-play's cellphone game 24: Agent Down, and the Big Blue Bubble-developed game is definitely one of the more creative mobile titles in the West of recent, being a sequel to a previous BAFTA-winning title.

Among other points, there's some interesting comments about the constraints of cellphone gaming: "It was crucial to give our players as much content as possible in an application which most players do not realize is oftentimes smaller than a single page of a word document (i.e. under 300k of memory) to fit onto their mobile device. For 24: Agent Down we had 243k (max) to 60k (minimum)." Looks like the final game got reviewed decently, anyhow.

While I'm here and you guys are listening, myself and Mathew Kumar of GamesOnDeck are looking for regional correspondents, especially in Japan and Korea, but also in Europe, to weigh in on the regional mobile game scenes (which are _very_ different) on a regular basis. Anyone here into writing and plays cellphone games, or could do at a stretch? Then mail us at GSW and we'll pass it on!