- The rather beautifully named High Dynamic Range Lying weblog recently posted an in-depth post named 'Clean and Simple: What’s the future of the Heads-Up Display?', and I thought it was well worth linking to.

The intro? "HUDs have remained unchanged since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, but that isn’t to say that some games didn’t boldly attempt to change the way we look at HUDs, and have paved the way for what could be the future of information display in video games. What have we done right in the past? What have been the failures? Where do we go from here? HDRL hopes to answer that, with a touch of optimistic speculation, and a pinch of nostalgic golf clapping."

There are then some fun analyses of conventional or unconventional HUD systems, with a nod to one of the most 'interesting' ones: "Say what you will about the failure of Trespasser, the PC-only First Person Shooter based on the world of Jurassic Park, but the game was rife with unique ideas (albeit poorly executed). Player health was represented by a heart-shaped tattoo on the player`s breast. When players started to lose health, they would look down at themselves. While the mechanic was a step in the right direction, the sad part was that players had to constantly look down to check health, which disrupted gameplay to a large extent." [Semi-via Jiji.]