- Over at GamesRadar, Christian Nutt has a fun interview with Castlevania mastermind IGA which is notable because it asks some spectacularly nerdy but very relevant questions about the upcoming Castlevania compilation for PSP and the future of the franchise.

The Konami supremo explains of the title: "The basic concept of delivering this title over PSP is to deliver Rondo of Blood that was never released in the States - not Symphony of the Night. Many of the gamers in the US, or outside Japan, tend to think that SOTN is one of the Castlevania titles that made a drastic change to the series. But personally speaking, I think Rondo of Blood was the title that actually started branching out from the past Castlevania series."

It's also interesting to see him tackling the lack of simple level-based gameplay in recent Castlevanias, which he apparently yearns for: "Another reason I brought Rondo of Blood to PSP this time was to test case with the consumers if they would accept the linear type of game. Because, obviously, the linear type of game is not mainstream level design in the current industry. From my end, my keyword to the game creation was "longevity." How gamers could last the gameplay and play it over and over again. So I really want to hear the consumer reaction to the linear type and see if it would fit for the future Castlevania series." Neat stuff.