- Thanks to Fun-Motion for pointing out an extremely cool physics-game related fact: "Gish 2 is now listed as in development on the the Cryptic Sea website."

Matthew Wegner explains: "The release date is a vague “later”, and the description is a mere ellipsis, but this is fantastic news for Gish lovers everywhere. Alex and Edmund, the original programmer and artist on Gish, will be working on the sequel (they recently acquired the rights to Gish from Chronic Logic). Godspeed, gentlemen!"

The various commenters are pretty excited about a sequel to the 2005 IGF-winning game, too - 'Axcho' comments: "That little goo guy with the sword looks awesome, like a cross between Gish and Stitch (and what could be better than that?). I think it might be more fun to control him than Gish. Well, I can hope…"