- Well, crap, looks like the crazy GDC week finally got on top of me, and I have to slow down my GameSetWatch posting until I arrive at the other end of the rainbow of GDC flavors.

Nonetheless, over at Gamasutra, the GDC 2007 live coverage is still blasting on without me, and Vincent Diamante has been doing lots more great write-ups from the Independent Games Summit, including Jon Blow's session on indie prototyping that just about blew my tiny mind, as well as the 'Gatekeepers Of Indie Distribution' panel with Microsoft, Sony, GameTap, and friends.

The rest of the Independent Games Summit went very well, with all kinds of positive feedback - I'm sure we'll do it again in some form. Sadly, David Jaffe couldn't make the last panel (we're speculating a Kratos impersonator abducted him), but we substituted the ever-strident Eric Zimmerman, who contributed to a really funny, opinionated panel on the future of independent games, alongside Derek Yu, Greg Costikyan, and Introversion's Mark Morris. Plenty of views were aired!

This evening, there were plenty of Sony briefings, East Meets West (or East Vs. West!) parties, and IGDA get-togethers, but I was hanging out at/co-hosting a Flashbang Studios and IGF-sponsored get together for IGF judges, IGS speakers, and IGF finalists - just a small thing, but it went off amazingly, complete with a Virt live chiptune set.

Before I wander to bed (wait, did I book a 7.30am breakfast meeting? In what state of mind was I when I did this?), wanted to mention that Vincent has been taking some great GDC pictures and posting them to his Flickr account. Pictured - Vince's former USC colleague and Cloud/fl0w creator Jenova Chen, in some kind of stark profile.