- Well, it's Thursday of GDC week and people are really starting to slow down now - I had an IGF-related interview this morning which included double-digit yawns by both interviewer and interviewee, I think. But hey, there's plenty of things still going on, so let's compile a few from the Gamasutra GDC 2007 coverage and elsewhere:

- Miyamoto's keynote speech was cute but necessarily free of announcements, due to Nintendo's share selling blackout window, it appears. One thing that I'm beginning to wonder - are Iwata and Miyamoto really that witty, or does Bill Trinen (or others) end up punching up the English translation of the speeches quite a bit? He may be the secret weapon behind Nintendo's charismatic GDC keynotes of late.

- Hidden gem of the show? We'll have more on this soon, but Emotiv Systems' launch, headed by ex-Xbox evangelist Ed Fries, is - according to Gama's Brandon Boyer - a real and extremely interesting set of technology. What does it do? Why, it's "...a helmet which can detect dozens of thoughts and emotions and correspond them to specific in-game actions." It's multi-million dollar funded, and it allegedly actually works. We'll see, huh?

- Brandon Sheffield chatted to Microsoft's Shane Kim, and being an extreme Japanophile, teased some fun Japanese-specific info out of him: "Gamasutra also pressed for the specific corporate whereabouts of Panzer Dragoon series director Yukio Futatsugi, who also released Phantom Dust to critical acclaim on the original Xbox. To this, Shane Kim replied, "Mr. Futatsugi is working closely with Mr. Sakaguchi on his projects. As an MGS Japan employee, he's working closely on those projects, since those are the big things we're working on in Japan.""

Heck, there's lots lots lots lots more (Koji Kondo, Final Fantasy XII, Media Molecule (pictured), Game Design Challenge, Ouendan, Warren Spector) over at the Gamasutra GDC 2007 page. Please to enjoy!