- So, day one of Game Developers Conference is already over - and I'm hoping that you're reading up on Gamasutra's live GDC coverage to get the full lowdown - as ably co-ordinated by my colleagues Frank Cifaldi and Brandon Boyer. But in the meantime, here's a couple of personal perspectives on GDC so far.

[Now, please note that I've been MC-ing and co-ordinating the Independent Games Summit all day, of course, so my experiences have mainly been limited to that!]

But I've been having a whole heap of fun there, and Jeff Minter's keynote was definitely top of my list for the day - the Inquirer has a few more pics of his slides, and a note that one of the Space Giraffe levels was called 'Stargate Basingstoke', yay. There was another one that had 'yiffing' in the title and a disturbing furry-related 'just say no' picture rotating around in the background. Oh, Yak!

Also good and really impassioned was the Innovation in Indie Games panel, and I was touched by how much the panelists, who included fl0w's Jenova Chen and Braid's Jonathan Blow, really believed in games for personal expression. Everyday Shooter's Jon Mak had some great takeaways, too, and told the audience: "Don't innovate, go home, play a bunch of games, figure out which ones you like, and make a game based on that.” Interesting.

Though I'm obviously a bit biased, a whole bunch other of the panels seemed on the money, from John Baez's 'Indie MBA' to Daniel James' smart romp through making an indie MMO, which included such candor as his company's monthly revenues for the past 2 or 3 years plotted against employee costs (I hope someone took a picture of that!) I'm also hoping that some video recordings will be available online later for key IGS sessions, so will keep you guys on the Interweb updated about that.

Other than that, it was a quiet evening for shindigs, with just the Microsoft Casual Games reception in Moscone West, the AMD-sponsored GDC Mobile reception at the Thirsty Bear (see previous article!), and a small but perfectly formed Telltale party close to Union Square catching my attention. Probably good, since it's only going to get crazier from here on out. More updates tomorrow!